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Taking a live class does not make someone an expert. Certainly it is not quicker nor more convenient.



We support a national education standard so that spa guests in or with a cancer treatment history can feel reassured in the hope that the spa industry embraces a consistent standard of care.  

We believe it is important that your therapist understand the effect of cancer on the body, the primary treatments and co-prescribed medications, the side effects related to medical care, and any lingering, long term or late effects of treatment.


An oncology-trained therapist should be able to recognize and safely work within the framework that presents within these clinical considerations. Considerations can be unique for each client, and can regularly change depending on where in treatment or recovery they are. For more information please visit

GTD survivor safety GTD survivor safety     GTD survivor safety GTD survivor safety


In house signage helps all guests at your spa better understand the unique skill set of your therapist team.

Educational handouts and in house signage help community members and current and prospective spa guests better understand the competencies and skill set required of oncology-trained massage therapists, estheticians and nail technicians.


At Greet The Day we work with a variety of information sharing flyers, posters and postcards that help share this important message, and have them available for you to use in your spa or private practice, at community events, or in your local medical centers patient resource library. Shop here.

Community Education

In house signage

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